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So, what’s with this Jonno guy?*

Give me a blank page, I’ll give you an article. Give me a subject and I’ll give you an opinion. Give me lots of Lindt chocolate and we’ll be friends.
I’m a cross-platform media producer with over six years experience, a social media gun and a super fast, clean-copy-and-on-deadline writer. My friends and I work hard and we work together. Working with me is working with a network that spans music, print, news, radio, TV, photography, web design and PR.
Here is the music site I’ve been writing with my brother every day for the last five years. Here’s another one I started for Jewish kids.
At the end, it all comes down to a great story. Let me tell it for you.
*Jonno. Two ‘n’s. Like ‘Bono’. Seidler. As in the architect. And the doctor.


(Please send music submissions for One A Day to jonno@1songday.com)

  • Address: Lvl 6, 56 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney 2065
  • Email:ciao@jonnoseidler.com